MONO & STEREO is Torre de Barreda´s POP brand. Our aim with this brand is to commercialize an attractive product, in content, design and price, whose target audience is young people in general and music lovers in particular.


“A monophonic or monoaural signal is one recorded in a single channel. If you listen the recording with two speakers or headphones you listen exactly the same through the left and through the right”
Here we make an analogy with the musical concept:
(1 channel = 1 grape variety = monovarietal). Our two MONO are a white and a red, of the two native and most extended varieties of our region: Airen and Tempranillo.


“A stereophonic signal is one recorded in several equal channels. Therefore we get different sounds through each of the channels” 
Following the same analogy:
(various channels = various varieties = multivarietal). Our STEREO blends our most important native variety, Tempranillo, with two foreign varieties planted by the winery in the nineties: Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.