“With our line Amigos we pay tribute to the Friendships that arise around a bottle of wine”

Our Amigos White is made out of grapes of the Airen variety handpicked from our oldest vineyards and its worked with oak and lees. The result is a fresh wine with notes of tropical fruit and a creamy end which comes from the barrel.

For the elaboration of Amigos Rosé we make a must extraction of the Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon deposits before they remain 24 hours with the grape skins. We obtain a wine dominated by red fruit in the nose but dry and complex in the mouth.

Our aim with Amigos Red is to create a blend where the old vine Tempranillo supplies the body and noble tannins to the blend, Syrah provides freshness, floral and red fruit notes, and Cabernet Sauvignon improves the structure and the complexity of the mix. The wine is rounded with 12 months of ageing in French oak barrels.