Our Vineyard

Bodegas Barreda owns 160 hectares / 395 acres of vineyard, with an average altitude of 750 meters / 2640 feet (over sea level), split between three estates, with some common elements and also some distinctive characteristics. In general we have continental dry weather, with warm days and fresh, cool nights, which result in a healthy vineyard, capable of growing
quality grapes. The composition of the soil consists of a mix of limey sand with stones and veins of clay.

As regards to the mix of varieties grown in the vineyards, there are 85 hectares / 210 acres of Airén, which is a white variety indigenous to La Mancha. The other 75 hectares / 185 acres are planted with red varieties: Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, divided into our three estates:

La Dehesilla:

Named after the small sheep farm on the lower part of the estate. It is located 9 kilometers / 5,5 miles to the north
west of Corral de Almaguer. La Dehesilla has 68 hectares / 168 acres planted with Tempranillo and Airen. This is our oldest
vineyard, with bush vines and without irrigation.  The vines were planted from 1940s to 1960s and their low yields supply high quality grapes. On this estate we can find our oldest vineyard, planted in 1942 and which produces our single vineyard wine Pañofino with grapes harvested only from this individual plot

Monte alto:

Which means “high hill”, is located 10 kilometers / 6,2 miles to the north east of Corral de Almaguer. The 47 hectares / 116 acres are divided into Tempranillo and Airen planted between the 1970s and 1990s.  All the vines are trained on trellises and drip irrigated. It is our highest vineyard at 790 meters (2460 feet), which gives freshness to its wines.


Named after the quality of the land. It is 2 kilometers / 1,2 miles to the east ofCorral. This comprises our youngest vines, planted in the 90´s and 2000´s. There are 30 hectares / 74 acres divided between Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and
Tempranillo. The vines are all trained on trellises and it has a computer controlled drip irrigation system.

In addition we have a few parcels located around the town of which the most important is Penitencias (Penitence) which is a 6 hectares / 14,83 acres plot of Tempranillo planted in the 50´s and produces excellent wines.