Torre de Barreda

“Our main task is to show the singularities of each grape variety that we grow in our land and express them through the character of our terroir"

Our Wines

Proud of our winery

We produce
100.000 bottles
per year

We owe
160 hectares / 395 acres of vineyard

Exporting to 10 countries in the 5 continents

15 awards
in the last
3 years

“At Torre de Barreda we constantly look for improvement in our processes and our wines on a daily basis, both at the winery and at the vineyard”

Juan Barreda

Bodegas Barreda Manager

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Bodegas y Viñedos Barreda

C/ Ramalazo 2
45880 Corral de Almaguer
Office: (0034) 91 543 53 87
Winery: (0034) 925 207 223